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dimanche 11 janvier 2009

HEU !!????

Mike Svenson video contribution.

As some of you may know, I quit working for Streetcorner (City) shortly after the release of their latest video, "WHAT THE F*CK IS A BACHINSKY" (of which I filmed only a small fraction).

The reason for my decision to quit does not stem from a conflict of any kind, and their is continued mutual respect, understanding, and friendship between myself and everyone at Streetcorner.

I have simply chosen to walk a more independent route, to work for myself, and produce my own videos again like back in the good ol' days., and from now on if there is going to be a company involved, I will be working WITH the company rather the FOR the company.

The first of my projects will be an underground video I will produce and edit and partially film, but this video will be MOSTLY filmed by YOU!

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